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The first multidisciplinary reference work on the Arctic

Mark Nuttall, Editor

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Providing rich and detailed essays on the Arctic's environment, wildlife, climate, history, exploration, resources, economics, politics, indigenous cultures and languages, conservation initiatives, and many other topics, the Encyclopedia of the Arctic is the only major work and comprehensive A-Z reference source on this vast, complex, changing, and increasing important part of the globe.

The Encyclopedia of the Arctic:

  • Brings together in one place anthropological, geographical, historical, political, and environmental information on the Arctic

  • Includes maps for each country and political region, locating towns, rivers, and mountains that have their own entries

  • Examines environmental and conservation issues including development for oil and gas, climate change effects on snow and ice cover, and health issues related to transport of pollutants from the industrialized world

  • Provides biographies of prominent figures in history, exploration, and contemporary politics

  • Discusses each group of indigenous peoples from Alaska to Siberia, Fennoscandia and Greenland, and the challenges they face such as land claims and self-government

  • Contains facts and bibliographies on remote places that are hard to find in English or on the internet such as Russian Arctic islands and the history of the Siberian labor camps, as well as information about Arctic communities, and biographies of indigenous political leaders

This Encyclopedia is not only an up-to-date interdisciplinary work of reference for all those involved in teaching or researching Arctic issues, but a fascinating and comprehensive resource for residents of the Arctic, and all those concerned with global environmental issues, sustainability, science, and human interactions with the environment.

  • Over 1200 A-Z entries that range in length from 500 words to 5,000 words for the longer thematic entries and survey articles

  • Entries written by leading specialists from 20 countries- including a large number of contributors native to the Arctic and Subarctic

  • A truly multidisciplinary work that covers environmental science, anthropology, ecology, geology, archaeology and history, linguistics, meteorology, politics, economics, and cultural studies

  • More than 300 illustrations including maps for each country and political region and photos of places, industries, landscapes, flora and fauna, people, arts, and archaeology

  • A foreword by Sheila Watt-Cloutier, the Chair of the Inuit Circumpolar Conference

  • Useful internal cross-references and thematic and alphabetic entries lists to aid browsing

  • Authoritative, up-to-date bibliographies for each entry

  • Comprehensive, analytical index

Mark Nuttall is Henry Marshall Tory Professor of Anthropology at the University of Alberta, Canada.

A specialist on Northern issues, he has lived and worked in Greenland, Scotland, Alaska and Canada. His work is mainly concerned with resource use management issues and conflicts in rural and coastal communities, culture and the environment, climate change impacts on indigenous peoples and their livelihoods, and the international politics of environmental and sustainability issues.

He worked closely with indigenous peoples' organizations as a lead author for two key Arctic Council projects, the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment (ACIA) and the Arctic Human Development Report (AHDR), as well as sitting on the steering committees of both projects. He is also a lead author of the 'Polar Systems' chapter of the forthcoming Millennium Ecosystem Assessment.

He is a Board member of the Copenhagen-based International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs (IWGIA), Chair of the International Scientific Advisory Board for Northern Research, University of Oulu in Finland, a Fellow of the Arctic Institute of North America, Calgary, Canada, a Senior Associate Scientist of the Stefansson Arctic Institute, Akureyri, Iceland and Senior Associate of the Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge.

He is the author of several books including Arctic Homeland: kinship, community and development in northwest Greenland (1992) and Protecting the Arctic: indigenous peoples and cultural survival (1998) as well as co-editor of The Arctic: environment, people, policy (2000) and Cultivating Arctic Landscapes: knowing and managing animals in the circumpolar North (2003).

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