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Jesuit narratives: Eastern missions

Travel Writing

Aguas, Neves, Viagens na Asia Central em Demanda do Cataio: Bento de Goes e António de Andrade, 1988

Albuquerque, Luís de, Navegadores, viajantes e aventureiros portugueses: séculos XV e XVI, vol. 2, 1987

Andrade, António de, Novo descobrimento do Gram Cathayo ou reinos do Tibete, 1626; in O descobrimento do Tibet, edited by F.M. Esteves Pereira, 1921

Didier, Hugues (editor and translator), Les Portugais au Tibet: les premières relations jésuites (1624[-]1635), 1996

Elia, Pasquale M. d’ (editor), Fonti Ricciane, vol. 2, 1942

Góis, Bento, In Cathay and the Way Thither, Being a Collection of Medieval Notices of China, translated and edited by Henry Yule, 2 vols, 1866

Góis, Bento, “The Travels of Benedict Goëz, a Portuguese Jesuit” in A General Collection of the Best and Most Interesting Voyages and Travels, edited by John Pinkerton, 1808[-]14: vol. 7

Ruggieri, Michele, Atlante della Cina, edited by Eugenio Lo Sardo, 1993 (atlas)

Further Reading

Maclagan, Edward, The Jesuits and the Great Mogul, London: Burns Oates, 1932; New York: Octagon, 1972

Wessels, C., Early Jesuit Travellers in Central Asia 1603[-]1721, The Hague: Nijhoff, 1924

Jesuit Narratives: New World Missions

Travel Writing

Baegert, Jacob, The Letters of Jacob Baegert, 1749[-]1761: Jesuit Missionary in Baja California, edited by Doyce B. Nunis, Jr, translated by Elsbeth Schulz-Bischof, 1982

Burrus, Ernest J. (editor), Jesuit Relations: Baja California, 1716[-]1762, 1984

Burrus, Ernest J. and Félix Zubillaga (editors), Misiones mexicanas de la Compañía de Jesús, 1618[-]1745: cartas e informes conservados en la Collección Mateu [Mexican Missions of the Society of Jesus, 1618[-]1745: Letters and Reports from the Mateu Collection], 1982

Cartas ánuas de la Provincia del Paraguay, 1637[-]1639 [Annual Letters from the Province of Paraguay, 1637[-]1639], with an introduction by Ernesto J.A. Maeder, 1984

Cartas ánuas de la Provincia Jesuítica del Paraguay, 1632 a 1634 [Annual Letters from the Jesuit Province of Paraguay, 1632[-]1634], with an introduction by Ernesto J.A. Maeder, 1990

Cartas ánuas de la Provincia Jesuítica del Paraguay, 1641 a 1643 [Annual Letters of the Jesuit Province of Paraguay, 1641[-]1643], with an introduction by Ernesto J.A. Maeder, 1996

Greer, Allan (editor), The Jesuit Relations: Natives and Missionaries in Seventeenth-Century North America, 2000

Iglesia: cartas ánuas de la provincia del Paraguay, Chile y Tucumán, de la Compañia de Jesús, 1609[-]1614 [Church: Annual Letters from the Province of Paraguay, Chile, and Tucumán, by the Society of Jesus, 1609[-]1614], introduction by P. Carlos Leonhardt, 2 vols, 1927[-]29

Kenton, Edna (editor), The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents: Travels and Explorations of the Jesuit Missionaries in North America (1610[-]1791), with an introduction by Reuben Gold Thwaites, 1925

Kino, Eusebio Francisco, Kino’s Historical Memoir of Pimería Alta: A Contemporary Account of the Beginnings of California, Sonora, and Arizona, 1683[-]1711, translated from the Favores celestiales [Celestial Favors] manuscript and annotated by Herbert Eugene Bolton, 1948 (originally published 1919)

Leite, Serafim, Novas cartas jesuíticas (de Nóbrega a Vieira) [New Jesuit Letters, from Nóbrega to Vieira], 1940

Lettres édifiantes et curieuses des missions de l’Amérique méridionale [Edifying and Curious Letters from the Missions of South America], preface by Claude Reichler, 1991

Ruiz de Montoya, Antonio, Conquista espiritual hecha por los religiosos de la Compañía de Jesús en las provincias de Paraguay, Paraná, Uruguay y Tape, 1639; as The Spiritual Conquest Accomplished by the Religious of the Society of Jesus in the Provinces of Paraguay, Paraná, Uruguay, and Tape: A Personal Account of the Founding and Early Years of the Jesuit Paraguay Reductions, translated by C.J. McNaspy, John P. Leonard and Martin E. Palmer, 1993

Seis misioneros en la frontera Mapuche [Six Missionaries on the Mapuche Frontier], edited by Gustavo Valdés Bunster, 1991

Sepp, Antonio and Anton Böhm, Reisbeschreibung wie dieselbe aus Hispanien in Paraquariam kommen, 1696; as Relación de viaje a las misiones jesuíticas [Relation of a Voyage to the Jesuit Missions], edited by Werner Hoffman, 1971

Shea, John Gilmary, Discovery and Exploration of the Mississippi Valley: With the Original Narratives of Marquette, Allouez, Membré, Hennepin, and Anastase Douay, 1852

Thwaites, Reuben Gold (editor), The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents: Travels and Explorations of the Jesuit Missionaries in New France, 1610[-]1791: The Original French, Latin, and Italian Texts, with English Translations and Notes, 73 vols, 1896[-]1901

Vieira, António, Cartas do padre António Vieira [Letters by Father Antonio Vieira], 3 vols, edited by J. Lúcio d’Azevedo, 1925[-]28

Vieira, António, Obras, 27 vols, 1854[-]58

Further Reading

Aguirre Elorriaga, Manuel, La Compañia de Jesús en Venezuela [The Society of Jesus in Venezuela], Caracas: Condor, 1941

Alegre, Francisco Javier, Historia de la provincia de la Compañía de Jesús de Nueva España [History of the Province of the Society of Jesus of New Spain], edited by Ernest J. Burrus and Félix Zubillaga, 4 vols, Rome: Institutum Historicum, 1956[-]60

Block, David, Mission Culture on the Upper Amazon: Native Tradition, Jesuit Enterprise, and Secular Policy in Moxos, 1660[-]1880, Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1994

A well[-]crafted monograph on the Spanish Jesuit missions among the Moxo Indians of northeastern Bolivia. Twenty[-]five missions were established between 1682 and 1744; 15 were still extant when the Jesuits were expelled from all of Spanish American in 1767 by Charles III. Unlike other reductions, the Moxo missions did not collapse for several decades, until the Brazilian Amazon rubber boom of the 1860s. Block analyzes the uncommon success among missions.

Bougainville, Louis Antoine de, “The Expulsion of the Jesuits from Paraguay as Recounted by Louis Antoine de Bougainville (1767)” in Colonial Travelers in Latin America, compiled and introduced by Irving A. Leonard, edited by William C. Bryant, Newark, Delaware: Juan de la Cuesta, 1972

Campbell, Thomas J., The Jesuits, 1534[-]1921: A History of the Society of Jesus from Its Foundation to the Present Time, New York: Encyclopedia Press, 1921; reprinted, Boston: Milford House, 1971

In 30 chapters and nearly a thousand pages, Campbell traces the history of the Jesuits from the early life and conversion of the Society’s founder, Ignatius of Loyola, to the spread of Jesuit missionaries to England, Asia, and the Americas.

Cohen, Thomas M., The Fire of Tongues: António Vieira and the Missionary Church in Brazil and Portugal, Stanford, California: Stanford University Press, 1998

Cohen’s study focuses on Vieira the missionary to Portugal’s immense Amazonian territory, and the influence of his missionary experience on his theological writings. Begins with the arrival of the Jesuits to Brasil in 1549 and the subsequent conflicts between the church’s mission of conversion of the natives and ministry to both indigenous and Europeans. Contains two chapters of close readings of Vieira prophetic writings.

Cushner, Nicholas P., Lords of the Land: Sugar, Wine, and Jesuit Estates of Coastal Peru, 1600[-]1767, Albany: State University of New York Press, 1980

A study of the agricultural history of the large Jesuit estates of coastal Peru and their input, production, and output. Begins with a description of the physical and social environment of the estates and their acquisition; ends with a discussion of the economic activity of the Society of Jesus in Peru, Quito, and Tucuman, and the exclusively Jesuit trade network linking the urban centers of Latin America.

Gagliano, Joseph A. and Charles E. Ronan (editors), Jesuit Encounters in the New World: Jesuit Chroniclers, Geographers, Educators and Missionaries in the Americas, 1549[-]1767, Rome: Institutum Historicum, 1997

A collection of the papers presented at "Agents of Change: the Jesuits and the Encounters of Two Worlds," the international symposium held at Loyola University of Chicago in 1992 in honor of the Quincentennial of the “discovery” of the Americas.

Gradie, Charlotte M., The Tepehuan Revolt of 1616: Militarism, Evangelism, and Colonialism in Seventeenth-Century Nueva Vizcaya, Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press, 2000

An investigation of the revolt of 1616[-]1620 by the “pacified” Tepehuan Indians in northern New Spain (northern Mexico). Analyzes the institutional context of Jesuit activity and the influences affecting indigenous behaviour, such as the epidemics that devastated the Tepehuan population and the encomienda system of required, cyclical indigenous labour in lieu of taxes or tribute.

Hughes, Thomas Aloysius, History of the Society of Jesus in North America, Colonial and Federal, 4 vols, London and New York: Longmans Green, 1907[-]17

A collection of translated and sometimes edited original documents, and some facsimiles, of Jesuit activity from 1605[-]1838, by a member of the same society.

Kennedy, J.H., Jesuit and Savage in New France, New Haven, Connecticut: Yale University Press, 1950

Describes the rise and fall of Jesuit French missions to New France (mostly today’s Canada) from 1608[-]1768, with several chapters devoted to aspects of Indian life based on the writings and Relations of Father Pierre Biard in particular.

Leite, Serafim, História da Companhia de Jesus no Brasil [History of the Society of Jesus in Brazil], 10 vols, Lisbon: Livraria Portugalia, 1938[-]50

A monumental work that traces the history of the Jesuits in Brazil from the foundation of the order in the 16th century to the 18th century. Volume five focuses on missions from Bahia to the northeast of Brazil; volume six on activity from Rio de Janeiro south to the River Plate. Volumes eight and nine contain biobibliographic entries on writers of Jesuit texts. Includes an index.

Monumenta antiquae Floridae, 1566[-]1572 [Records of Ancient Florida], edited by Félix Zubillaga, Rome: Monumenta Historica Societatis Iesu, 1946

Monumenta mexicana [Mexican Records], edited by Félix Zubillaga and Miguel Angel Rodríguez, 8 vols, Rome Monumenta Historica Societatis Iesu, 1956[-]91

Monumenta peruana [Peruvian Records], edited by Antonio de Egaña and Enrique Fernandez, 8 vols, Rome: Monumenta Historica Societatis Iesu, 1954[-]86

Parkman, Francis, The Jesuits in North America in the Seventeenth Century, Boston: Little Brown, 1867

Contains descriptions of native tribes such as the Algonquins, the Hurons, the Iroquois, and the Mohawks,  and of the exploits of  such famous Jesuits as Jean de Brébeuf and Isaac Jogues.

Reis, Arthur Cezar Ferreira, A conquista espiritual da Amazônia [The Spiritual Conquest of the Amazon], 2nd revised edition, Manaus: Editora da Universidade do Amazonas, 1997

Rouillón, José Luis, Antonio Ruiz de Montoya y las reducciones del Paraguay [Antonio Ruiz de Montoya and the Reductions of Paraguay], Asunción: Centro de Estudios Paraguayos Antonio Guasch, 1997

Samuel Johnson 1709[-]1784

Travel Writing

A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland (published anonymously), 1775

Boswell’s Life of Johnson, together with Boswell’s Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides and Johnson’s Diary of a Journey into North Wales, 6 vols, edited by L.F. Powell, revised and enlarged edition, 1963[-]64

Includes notebook of Johnson’s French tour

Further Reading

Chapman, R.W. (editor), The Letters of Samuel Johnson with Mrs. Thrales Genuine Letters to Him, 3 vols, Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1952

Includes his accounts of Scotland sent to Mrs Thrale

Hill, George Birkbeck, Footsteps of Dr Johnson (Scotland), London: Low Marston Searle and Rivington, 1890

One of many recreations of the tour.

Lobo, Jeronimo, A Voyage to Abyssinia, London: Butterworth and Hitch, 1735

Translated by Johnson; early evidence of his interests, and an influence on Rasselas.

MacNicol, Donald, Remarks on Dr Samuel Johnson’s Journey to the Hebrides, London: Cadell, 1779; edited by William Livingstone, Glasgow: Gilchrist, 1852

A hostile Scottish response.

See also Boswell, James

Journalists and Journalism

Travel Writing

Ainsworth, William F., Travels in the Track of the Ten Thousand Greeks: Being a Geographical and Descriptive Account of the Expedition of Cyrus and of the Retreat of the Ten Thousand Greeks, as Related by Xenophon, 1844

Journey of geologist and explorer who wrote regularly for his brother’s magazine, Ainsworth’s.

Bachmann Ingeborg, Römische Reportagen: eine Wiederentdeckung [Roman Reports, a Rediscovery]: edited by Jörg-Dieter Kogel, 1998

Radio journalism dealing with Italian politics and government 1945[-]76.

Bailey, F.M., China -- Tibet -- Assam: A Journey, 1911, 1945

Purely factual, minimal attention to incidents of interest to readers but lots of collecting, hunting, shooting.

Belloc, Hilaire, The Path to Rome, 1902; republished 1958

Biggest success of controversial writer who sought spiritual fulfillment on the road and who began his career in journalism at nineteen.

Bird, Isabella L., A Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains, 1879, reissued 1960, introduction by Daniel J. Boorstin; 3rd edition reprinted 1982 with introduction by Pat Barr and in 1988 with introduction by Dervla Murphy

This account of Bird’s second trip to America first appeared in The Leisure Hour

Bryson, Bill, 1989, The Lost Continent: Travels in Small-Town America, 1989

America viewed from the interstate highway. Example of travel writer who also writes extensively in the press.

Byron, Robert, An Essay on India, 1931

Financed indirectly by Lord Beaverbrook, who enabled Byron to get to India and thence to Tibet in 1930 through the articles he was commissioned to write about the new England to India airmail service for the Daily Express.

Coffin, Charles Carleton, Our New Way Round the World, 1869

American journalist who sent weekly accounts of his two-and-a-half-year trip with his wife to the Boston Journal.

Daily News, The War Correspondence of the Daily News, 1870: edited, with notes and comments, forming a continuous narrative of the war between Germany and France, 1871

Daily News, The War Correspondence of the “Daily News” 1877; with a connecting narrative forming a continuous history of the war between Russia and Turkey, including the letters of Mr. Archibald Forbes, Mr. J.A. MacGahan and many other special correspondents in Europe and Asia, 1878

David-Néel, Alexandra, My Journey to Lhasa: The Personal Story of the Only White Woman Who Succeeded in Entering the Forbidden City, 1927; reprinted, 1969; with a new introduction by Peter Hopkirk, 1983; with new foreword by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and introduction by Diana N. Rowan, 1993

Began her career as a journalist. First woman to reach Lhasa, arriving on foot , in winter, disguised as a impoverished mendicant.

Davis, Richard Harding, The Rulers of the Mediterranean, 1893

Most influential American correspondent of his day.

Dickens, Charles, Pictures from Italy, 1846; facsimile, 1988; edited by David Paroissien, 1973, edited with an introduction by Kate Flint, 1998

Travel before the railway by one of the most popular of Victorian novelists who initially made his living from the periodical press. Often published in conjunction with American Notes, 1867.

Dowie, Ménie Muriel, A Girl in the Karpathians, 1889, 4th edition, 1891

The original article appeared in the Fortnightly Review and helped to set this “New Woman” (1867[-]1945) on a journalistic career with the Daily Chronicle.

Dreiser, Theodore, A Traveller at Forty, 1923

Yet another example of a travelling journalist unable to leave his pen at home.

Enzensberger, Hans Magnus, Ach Europe, 1987; as Europe, Europe: Forays into a Continent, translated by Martin Chalmers, 1989

Enzensberger, Hans Magnus, Civil Wars: From L.A. to Bosnia, 1994

Important European writer whose essays are broadcast or published by the media all over Europe.

Fuller Ossoli, Margaret, At Home and Abroad, or, Things and Thoughts in America and Europe, edited by Arthur B. Fuller, 1856; reprinted, 1971

Descriptions of travel including Rome experienced during the revolution of 1848[-]49, originally published in the New York Herald Tribune

Gellhorn, Martha, Travels With Myself and Another, 1978

Travel autobiography of American war correspondent and journalist, during the period 1951[-]80. Includes an account of travelling around East Africa with her “driver” who cannot drive.

Harley, Ethel B., [Mrs Alec Tweedie], A Girl’s Ride in Iceland, 1889, 3rd edition, 1895

An early travel book by a professional woman journalist who wrote for magazines catering for the recreational activities of the British upper classes.

Harmsworth, Alfred (Viscount Northcliffe), My Journey Round the World (16 July 1921[-]26 Feb 1922), edited by Cecil and St John Harmsworth, 1923

Pioneering newspaper magnate who spent the profits of journalism on a fashionable trip.

Hemingway, Ernest, By-line: Ernest Hemingway: Selected Articles and Dispatches of Four Decades, edited by William White, 1967

Hudson, W.H., Idle Days in Patagonia, 1893; reprinted with introduction by Ruth Tomalin, 1984

Naturalist and novelist, Hudson published in more than thirty different journals, magazines and newspapers. Reflections on inward and outward exploration when literally ‘idle’ as the result of an injury.

James, Henry, The Art of Travel: Scenes and Journeys in America, England, France, and Italy from the Travel Writings of Henry James, edited and introduced by Morton Dauwen Zabel, 1958

Much of James’s early writing first appeared in the literary press.

Jameson, Anna, Winter Studies and Summer Rambles in Canada, 3 vols, 1838; selections as Sketches in Canada and Rambles Among the Red Men, 1852; reissued under original title with an introduction by Paul A.W. Wallace, 1923; edited by James J. Talman and Elsie McLeod Murray, with foreword by Fred Landon, 1943

Travel book by writer better known for contributions on art, who wrote for the Monthly Chronicle and the Athenaeum.

Kipling, Rudyard, From Sea to Sea and Other Sketches: Letters of Travel, 2 vols, 1900

Written for the Civil and Military Gazette and The Pioneer (Allahabad, India)

Knight, E.F., Where Three Empires Meet: A Narrative of Recent Travel in Kashmir, Western Tibet, Gilgit and the Adjoining Countries, 1891, reprint of 3rd edition, 1971

Knight, E.F., Reminiscences: The Wanderings of a Yachtsman and War Correspondent, 1923

Memoirs of the life of a war correspondent in various parts of the British empire; adventures including sailing to Trinidad in search of buried treasure.

Lawrence, D.H., Twilight in Italy, 1916; reprinted with introduction by Richard Aldington, 1950; in D.H. Lawrence and Italy, with introduction by Anthony Burgess 1972

Essays first appeared in the English Review and the Westminster Gazette, 1911[-]12.

Lee, Vernon, [Violet Paget] ‘On Modern Travelling,’ Macmillan’s Magazine, 69 (February 1894): 306[-]11

Reflective essay by writer whose travel essays, written between 1897 and 1925, often for journals like the Westminster Gazette, helped to transform travel writing into a genre in its own right.

Lever, Charles [Cornelius O’Dowd], “Continental Excursionists”, Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine, 97 (February 1865): 230[-]33

One of the more extreme commentaries on “Cook’s tourists”.

Loti, Pierre, Le Désert, 1895; as The Desert, translated by Jay Paul Minn, 1993

French writer who wrote extensively about his travels, especially in Egypt, Montenegro and Japan, 1850[-]1923.

Marnham, Patrick, So Far From God: A Journey to Central America, 1985

Travels by bus and train through Central America and Mexico.

Morris, James, Venice, 1960, revised edition, as Jan Morris, 1974; 2nd revised edition, 1983

Journalist who became a travel writer. [… and, later, a woman]

Nerval, Gérard de, Voyage en Orient [Journey to the East], 2 vols, 1867; selections, as Journey to the Orient, translated by Norman Glass, 1972

A Middle Eastern journey which owed more to the writer’s imagination than his actual experience, first published in Revue des Deux Mondes, 1846.

O’Hanlon, Redmond, Into the Heart of Borneo: an account of a Journey made in 1983 to the Mountains of Batu Tiban with James Fenton, 1984

Regular contributor to the Sunday Times and New York Review of Books.

Oliphant, Laurence, The Russian Shores of the Black Sea in the Autumn of 1852: With a Voyage down the Volga and a Tour through the Country of the Don Cossacks, 3rd edition, 1854, reprinted, 1970

Traveller who published in the periodical press and also worked, briefly, as a war correspondent.

Pennell, Joseph and Elizabeth Robins Pennell, An Italian Pilgrimage, 1887

American husband and wife team, based in London, known for cycling and travelling. Pennell (1857[-]1926) also illustrated travel books work by William Dean Howells and Mark Twain.

Philby, Henry St J.B., The Empty Quarter, Being a Description of the Great South Desert of Arabia known as Rub’ al Khali, 1933

Describes an journey across the Arabian desert in articles for the Times.

Pietsch, Ludwig, Wallfahrt nach Olympia im ersten Frühling der Ausgrabungen (April und Mai 1876) nebst einem Bericht über die Resultate der beiden folgenden Ausgrabungs-Campagnen [Pilgrimage to Olympia in the early stage of the excavations (April and May 1876) together with a report on the results of both the following archaeological campaigns], 1879

Travel letters of German journalist and artist who helped to popularise Eygpt as a destination.

Queirós, José Maria Eça de, O Egypto [Egypt], 1926

Posthumously published work by Portuguese travel writer (1845[-]1900) who also visited England.

Ransmayr, Christoph, Der Weg nach Surabaya [The Road to Surabay], 1997

A collection of travel writings by an Austrian journalist who subsequently became a novelist.

Sala, George Augustus, A Journey Due North: Being Notes of a Residence in Russia, in the Summer of 1856, 1858

Led to a misunderstanding with his editor, Charles Dickens. Very prolific journalist who also published a number of travel books dealing with Algeria.

Sala, George Augustus, My Diary in America in the Midst of War, 2 vols, 1865

First of Sala’s American journeys, this one as the special correspondent of the Daily Telegraph in 1863[-]4.

Sala, George Augustus, America Revisited: from the Bay of New York to the Gulf of Mexico, and from Lake Michigan to the Pacific, 2 vols, 1882, 6th edition, 1886

Smith, Albert, A Month at Constantinople, 1850

Travel memoir by well-known journalist whose recitals of his trip up Mont Blanc helped to popularise the Alps.

Stanley, Henry M., How I Found Livingstone: Travels, Adventures, and Discoveries in Central Africa: Including an Account of Four Months’ Residence With Dr. Livingstone, 1872

Stanley, Henry M., Stanley’s despatches to the New York Herald, 1871[-]1872, 1874[-]1877, edited by Norman R. Bennett, 1970

Journalist who became famous for his encounter with Livingstone, a coup for the New York Herald.

Stevenson, Robert Louis, Essays of Travel, 1905

Posthumous examples of contemplations evoked by travel, first published in the 1870s in Magazines like The Portfolio and the Cornhill Magazine.

Taylor, Bayard, Byeways of Europe, 2 vols, 1869

Taylor, Bayard, Eldorado: or, Adventures in the Path of Empire: Comprising a Voyage to California via Panama, Life in San Francisciso and Monterey, Pictures of the Gold Region, and Experiences of Mexican Travel, 1850

Titmarsh, M.A. [William Makepeace Thackeray], Notes of a Journey from Cornhill to Grand Cairo, 1846

Novelist who began life as a journalist, notable for humorous sketches of tourists.

Theroux, Paul, Sunrise with Seamonsters: Travels and Discoveries 1964[-]1984, 1985

Travel articles first published to finance travel books.

Trollope, Anthony, The Tireless Traveller: Twenty letters to the Liverpool Mercury, 1875, edited with an introduction by Bradford Allen Booth, 1941

This account of a trip to Australia by way of Ceylon first appeared in the press in 1875.

Trollope, Anthony, Australia and New Zealand, 2 vols, 1873; reprinted as Australia, 1987; sections in Trollope the Traveller: Selections From Anthony Trollope’s Travel Writings, edited with an introduction by Graham Handley, 1993

Reveals this prolific novelist’s interest in politics.

Twain, Mark, A Tramp Abroad, 1880, reissued with an introduction by Edward Wagenknecht , 1966; also issued with foreword by Shelley Fisher Fishkin, introduction by Russell Banks and afterword by James S. Leonard, 1996; with an introduction by Robert Gray Bruce and Hamlin Hill, 1997

Account of a walking tour in Europe by popular American journalist and novelist.

Vizetelly, Edward, From Cyprus to Zanzibar by the Egyptian Delta: The Adventures of a Journalist in the Isle of Love, the Home of Miracles, and the Land of Cloves, 1901

By the son of Henry Vizetelly, 1820[-]1894, pioneer of the illustrated press and a special correspondent.

Waugh, Evelyn, Remote People, 1931; as They Were Still Dancing, 1932

Waugh was commissioned by The Graphic to cover the coronation of Emperor Haile Selassie in Addis Ababa.

Waugh, Evelyn, Scoop: A Novel About Journalists, 1938

Wharton, Edith, Italian Backgrounds, 1905

One of the few women whose essays were first published in Scribner’s Magazine, the Century and the Atlantic.

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Journals of the Literature of Travel and Exploration

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Journal of African Travel-Writing

Literary Traveler

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Studies in Travel Writing

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