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Introducing Electronic Text Analysis

Introducing Electronic Text Analysis presents the study of text and discourse carried out with the use of computers. It offers a practical guide to ways in which the use of computers can complement more traditional types of text and discourse analysis along with a range of sample analyses of contemporary English language in use.

The book discusses the underlying principles and concepts relevant to computer-aided text analysis, many of which are used in the area of corpus linguistics with the aim of enhancing language descriptions. It also provides an overview of different types of electronic text collections including both spoken and written English.

Introducing a number of key analytical techniques, such as the study of concordance data and frequency information, Svenja Adolphs then looks at a range of applied contexts in which computer-aided text analysis plays an increasingly prominent role. These include the exploration of literary texts, the study of ideology in text and discourse, and the use of electronic text analysis in the English Language Teaching context, all of which are complemented with a discussion of further fields of application in the final chapter.

With abundant illustrative examples and a glossary of definitions of main concepts, this book provides an accessible and thorough understanding of the underlying principles of electronic text analysis and is supported by a companion website with links to online corpora so that students can apply their knowledge to further study.

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