Online Interactives

Exploring Color

Explore color exerciseColor is one of the most important tools in the designer's toolbox. Color is a powerful communicator—it orders, organizes, directs the eye and even evokes emotional response.

This simple Flash® interactive is designed to let you explore what happens when colors are applied to a design. Choose from pre-selected palettes based on colorwheel pairings. Or apply your own selections to areas of the design. Use this activity as an easy introduction to color theory.

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Exploring Type

Exploring type interactiveProfessional graphic designers are experts in choosing the right fonts for the right project. This Flash® interactive activity lets you explore how different font choices impact the look and feel of a design. This activity is a good introduction to creative use of fonts. Consider pairing it with one of the activities in the "Try This" section of Chapter 7 Type: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You.

For an introduction to the typesetting aspects of font usage, try the typesetting tutorial video under the Video Tutorials link.

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