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  Multiple Choice Questions

Chapter 1 – Sport and Exercise in Life Sciences

In each of the multiple choice questions ONE of the answers is CORRECT.

Q1. How many pairs of autosomes are there in a human genome?

Choice 1 21
Choice 2 22
Choice 3 23
Choice 4 24

Q2. What are the male sex chromosomes?
Choice 1 YX
Choice 2 YY
Choice 2 XX

Choice 2 XY

Q3. What is the role or ribosomal RNA in protein synthesis?

Choice 1 Carry amino acids to ribosomes
Choice 2 Synthesis of proteins
Choice 2 Encodes protein sequence

Choice 2 Facilitates interaction of other RNA forms

Q4. Which cell organelle can be described as the final packaging location for proteins and lipids?
Choice 1 Endoplasmic reticulum

Choice 2 Golgi body
Choice 2 Ribosome

Choice 2 Cytoplasm

Q5. Where do peroxisomes form?
Choice 1 Endomembrane
Choice 2 Mitochondria
Choice 3 Cytoplasm
Choice 3 Lysosyme

Q6. How much of the mass of the human body is accounted for by oxygen?
Choice 1 50%

Choice 2 55%
Choice 3 60%
Choice 4 65%

Q7. What is the atomic mass of an element based on?
Choice 1 Number of protons and neutrons

Choice 2 Number of protons and electrons
Choice 3 Number of neutrons and electrons
Choice 4 Number of anaions and cations

Q8. Which structural level of a macromolecule is said to provide its backbone?
Choice 1 Primary

Choice 2 Secondary
Choice 3 Tertiary
Choice 4 Quartiary

Q9. How many amino acids are present in the human body?

Choice 1 10
Choice 2 20
Choice 2 30

Choice 2 40

Q10. Which term describes the chemical reactions involved in breaking complex molecules?
Choice 1 Anabolism

Choice 2 Catabolism
Choice 3 Anatabolism
Choice 4 Canabolism

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