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  Multiple Choice Questions

Chapter 10 – Angular Kinematics

In each of the multiple choice questions ONE of the answers is CORRECT.

Q1. What is the unit of angle measurement used in biomechanics?

Choice 1 Degrees
Choice 2 Gradians
Choice 3 Thetas
Choice 4 Radians

Q2. How many degrees is one radian equal to?
Choice 1 57.3
Choice 2 57.4
Choice 2 67.5

Choice 2 77.6

Q3. What is the change in angular position of a line segment?

Choice 1 Angular change
Choice 2 Angular distance
Choice 2 Angular displacement

Choice 2 Angular path

Q4. What is angular acceleration?
Choice 1 Rate of change of angular velocity

Choice 2 Rate of change of angular displacement
Choice 2 Rate of change of angular rotation

Choice 2 Rate of change of angular speed

Q5. In a movement pattern which class of body part will have the greatest velocity?
Choice 1 Core
Choice 2 Segmental
Choice 3 Distal
Choice 3 Proximal

Q6. Which of these is not an open kinetic chain activity?
Choice 1 Kicking

Choice 2 Typing
Choice 3 Throwing
Choice 4 Walking

Q7. What does the kinetic link principle refer to?
Choice 1 Sequential body segment movement

Choice 2 Acceleration of a body segment
Choice 3 Relationship between open and closed kinetic chain activities
Choice 4 Link between kinetic and potential movements

Q8. What will a longer radius of movement give?
Choice 1 Increased angular velocity

Choice 2 Increased linear velocity
Choice 3 Increased angular displacement
Choice 4 Increased linear displacement

Q9. What is angular velocity defined as?

Choice 1 Angular displacement / change in time
Choice 2 Angular displacement / change in velocity
Choice 2 Angular velocity / change in time

Choice 2 Angular velocity / angular displacement

Q10. What do positive angles indicate?
Choice 1 Clockwise rotation

Choice 2 Anticlockwise rotation
Choice 3 Complete rotation
Choice 4 Classic rotation

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