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  Multiple Choice Questions

Chapter 11 – Angular Kinetics

In each of the multiple choice questions ONE of the answers is CORRECT.

Q1. What is the quality and distribution of mass referred to as?

Choice 1 Moment of kinetia
Choice 2 Moment of mass
Choice 3 Moment of inertia
Choice 4 Moment of rotation

Q2. What is torque?
Choice 1 Extent of rotation (the force that causes rotation)
Choice 2 Extent of angular velocity
Choice 2 Extent of translation

Choice 2 Extent of angular displacement

Q3. If a force does not move through the centre of mass what is it called?

Choice 1 Concentric
Choice 2 Decentric
Choice 2 Eccentric

Choice 2 Accentric

Q4. What is the imaginary line that extends from a force vector in both directions?
Choice 1 Line of attention

Choice 2 Line of vector
Choice 2 Line of direction

Choice 2 Line of action

Q5. What term refers to the shortest perpendicular distance from a force line of action to the axis of rotation?
Choice 1 Moment leg
Choice 2 Moment arm
Choice 3 Movement leg
Choice 3 Movement arm

Q6. Where are load and effort applied in the classification of a first class lever?
Choice 1 To the left of the axis

Choice 2 Above the axis
Choice 3 To the right of the axis
Choice 4 On opposing sides of the axis

Q7. A calf raise is an example of a movement in which lever system?
Choice 1 First

Choice 2 Second
Choice 3 Third
Choice 4 Fourth

Q8. What is the ratio of effort force to resistive load force know as?
Choice 1 Lever advantage

Choice 2 Load advantage
Choice 3 Resistive advantage
Choice 4 Mechanical advantage

Q9. What type of contraction is characterised by no length change to the muscle?

Choice 1 Isometric
Choice 2 Isotonic
Choice 2 Eccentric

Choice 2 Concentric

Q10. What is the principle behind the force-velocity relationship?
Choice 1 Movement velocity increases as load increases

Choice 2 Movement velocity decreases as load increases
Choice 3 Movement velocity decreases as load decreases
Choice 4 Movement velocity increases as load increases

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