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  Multiple Choice Questions

Chapter 14 – Psychology of Sport

In each of the multiple choice questions ONE of the answers is CORRECT.

Q1. Which of these is not a theory of arousal in sport?

Choice 1 Inverted - U
Choice 2 Excitement-arousal
Choice 3 Drive
Choice 4 Catastrophe

Q2. Which of these is not a psychological treatment for anxiety?
Choice 1 Deconditioning
Choice 2 Anxiety orientation
Choice 2 Systematic desensitisation

Choice 2 Meditation

Q3. Which of the following is not a distinction of aggression in sport?

Choice 1 Hostile
Choice 2 Reactive
Choice 2 Associative

Choice 2 Instrumental

Q4. What are the two fundamantal problems that bring about aggression in sport?
Choice 1 Reinforcement and anxiety

Choice 2 Anxiety and frustration
Choice 2 Anxiety and fitness

Choice 2 Reinforcement and frustration

Q5. Which model does Zajonc base a theory of social facilitation upon?
Choice 1 Inverted - U
Choice 2 Excitement-arousal
Choice 3 Drive
Choice 3 Catastrophe

Q6. Which of these theories is not an alternative theory of social facilitation to that of Zajonc?
Choice 1 Evaluation Apprehension

Choice 2 Distraction Apprehension
Choice 3 Distraction Conflict
Choice 4 Social Impact

Q7. Within a team what determines whether roles and norms work?
Choice 1 Interdependence

Choice 2 Cohesiveness
Choice 3 Coaching
Choice 4 Leadership

Q8. Which modelling technique is used to illustrate team interactions?
Choice 1 Interactogram

Choice 2 Assosciogram
Choice 3 Sociogram
Choice 4 Teamogram

Q9. Which of these are categories of leaders?

Choice 1 Appointed and relevant
Choice 2 Appointed and energetic
Choice 2 Appointed and emergent

Choice 2 Appointed and affluent

Q10. Which of these is not a theory of mental imagery?
Choice 1 Psychoneuromuscular

Choice 2 Bioinformational
Choice 3 Symbolic learning
Choice 4 Psychoassosciative

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