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  Multiple Choice Questions

Chapter 15 – Exercise and Psychological Health

In each of the multiple choice questions ONE of the answers is CORRECT.

Q1. Which of the following terms is not used to define abnormality?

Choice 1 Statistical infrequency
Choice 2 Violation of norms
Choice 3 Disfunctionality
Choice 4 Unexpectedness

Q2. How many people in the UK have a diagnosable mental health problem?
Choice 1 1 in 4
Choice 2 1 in 5
Choice 2 1 in 6

Choice 2 1 in 7

Q3. Which of these are components of body image assessment?

Choice 1 Perceptual and superlative
Choice 2 Perceptual and qualitative
Choice 2 Perceptual and subjective

Choice 2 Perceptual and formative

Q4. Which of these methods of exercise best improves self-perception of body image?
Choice 1 Resistance training

Choice 2 Dance
Choice 2 Swimming

Choice 2 Flexibility

Q5. What are the two types of depression?
Choice 1 Reactive and attractive
Choice 2 Reactive and endogenous
Choice 3 Attractive and endogenous
Choice 3 Reactive and androgynous

Q6. What score would indicate depression on the Beck (1982) inventory?
Choice 1 13

Choice 2 14
Choice 3 15
Choice 4 16

Q7. Who coined the term self-efficacy?
Choice 1 Gill

Choice 2 Weinburg
Choice 3 Bandura
Choice 4 Zajonc

Q8. What is self-efficacy concerned with?
Choice 1 Judgements of personal appearance

Choice 2 Judgements of personal esteem
Choice 3 Judgements of personal capability
Choice 4 Judgements of personal fitness

Q9. Which of these theories is not helpful when making predictions about how an athlete will cope at the end of a sporting career?

Choice 1 Disengagement
Choice 2 Subculture
Choice 2 Continuity

Choice 2 Social breakdown

Q10. Glaser and Strauss (1965) propose four levels of awareness, which of these is not one?
Choice 1 Closed

Choice 2 Motivational
Choice 3 Self
Choice 4 Suspicion

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