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  Multiple Choice Questions

Chapter 6 – Lifestyle Factors Effecting Health

In each of the multiple choice questions ONE of the answers is CORRECT.

Q1. Which of these is not one of Blaxters (1990) dimensions of health?

Choice 1 Experience of illness
Choice 2 Fitness
Choice 3 Disease presence
Choice 4 Age

Q2. Which of these is not a model of health promotion?
Choice 1 Social
Choice 2 Political
Choice 2 Educational

Choice 2 Behavioural

Q3. What is the most common disease occurring due to a lack of physical exercise?

Choice 1 Osteoporosis
Choice 2 Cardiovascular disease
Choice 2 Diabetes

Choice 2 Muscular dystrophy

Q4. Which diseases does type II diabetes increase the chance of?
Choice 1 Obesity

Choice 2 Anaemia
Choice 2 Cardiovascular

Choice 2 Crohns disease

Q5. Which of these is not an anti-oxidant?
Choice 1 Amino Acid
Choice 2 Vitamin C
Choice 3 Glutathione
Choice 3 Carotenoid

Q6. How many accident and emergency cases in the UK are alcohol related?
Choice 1 20%

Choice 2 25%
Choice 3 30%
Choice 4 35%

Q7. What type of meal delays the effects of alcohol the most?
Choice 1 High carbohydrate

Choice 2 High protein
Choice 3 High salt
Choice 4 High fat

Q8. Which of these conditions is strongly related to smoking?
Choice 1 Obesity

Choice 2 Deafness
Choice 3 Blindness
Choice 4 Scurvy

Q9. Which of the following drugs can be described as a stimulant?

Choice 1 Cocaine
Choice 2 Heroin
Choice 2 Ecstacy

Choice 2 LSD

Q10. What is amyl nitrite also known as?
Choice 1 Ecstacy

Choice 2 Speed
Choice 3 Poppers
Choice 4 Acid

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