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  Multiple Choice Questions

Chapter 8 – Human and Linear Kinematic Concepts

In each of the multiple choice questions ONE of the answers is CORRECT.

Q1. What are the general definitions of movement?

Choice 1 Angular, linear, general
Choice 2 Fast, slow, medium
Choice 3 Biological, chemical, physiological
Choice 4 Active, passive, excessive

Q2. Which word describes the spatial and timing characteristics of movement?
Choice 1 Physiometrics
Choice 2 Kinematics
Choice 2 Biomatics

Choice 2 Kinetics

Q3. Which of these terms refers to something being closer to the head?

Choice 1 Posterior
Choice 2 Anterior
Choice 2 Inferior

Choice 2 Superior

Q4. The transverse axis is an anatomical reference axis, which of these is as well?
Choice 1 Medial

Choice 2 Lateral
Choice 2 Sagittal

Choice 2 Distal

Q5. What do vectors represent?
Choice 1 Force and Power
Choice 2 Magnitiude and Direction
Choice 3 Work and Time
Choice 3 Energy and Scale

Q6. What term is defied as distance moved in a given direction?
Choice 1 Displacement

Choice 2 Speed
Choice 3 Diffraction
Choice 4 Work

Q7. What is the equation for velocity?
Choice 1 Distance / Speed

Choice 2 Displacement / Speed
Choice 3 Speed / Time
Choice 4 Displacement / Time

Q8. What does rate of change of velocity refer to?
Choice 1 Speed

Choice 2 Acceleration
Choice 3 Distance
Choice 4 Displacement

Q9. What two parts can a gait cycle be divided into?

Choice 1 Primary and secondary phase
Choice 2 Open and closed phase
Choice 2 Stance and swing phase

Choice 2 Heel and toe phase

Q10. Which of these is not a major influence on projectile trajectory?
Choice 1 Angle of projection

Choice 2 Speed of projection
Choice 3 Height of projection
Choice 4 Structure of projection

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