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  Multiple Choice Questions

Chapter 9 – Linear Kinetics: Study of Force and Movement

In each of the multiple choice questions ONE of the answers is CORRECT.

Q1. Which of these is not one of Newton's laws of motion?

Choice 1 Inertia
Choice 2 Action
Choice 3 Acceleration
Choice 4 Reaction

Q2. When two or more surfaces touch what occurs?
Choice 1 Friction
Choice 2 Reaction
Choice 2 Acceleration

Choice 2 Decelleration

Q3. What type of diagram shows forces acting on a body?

Choice 1 Equilibrium body diagram
Choice 2 Kinetic body diagram
Choice 2 Force body diagram

Choice 2 Free body diagram

Q4. What type of forces slide or tear?
Choice 1 Compression

Choice 2 Shearing
Choice 2 Tension

Choice 2 Loading

Q5. At what point is the mass of a body equally distributed?
Choice 1 Centre of equilibrium
Choice 2 Centre of force
Choice 3 Centre of mass
Choice 3 Centre of body



Q6. Where does postural sway usually occur?
Choice 1 Frontal and Sagittal planes

Choice 2 Frontal and Horizontal planes
Choice 3 Horizontal and Sagittal planes
Choice 4 Midsagittal and Sagittal planes

Q7. If the centre of mass is within the boundaires of support what balance is occuring?
Choice 1 Active

Choice 2 Passive
Choice 3 Static
Choice 4 Dynamic

Q8. What is defined as reception of stimuli in an organism?
Choice 1 Stimuloception

Choice 2 Interoception
Choice 3 Proprioception
Choice 4 Organoception

Q9. What is the formula for calculating work?

Choice 1 Force x speed
Choice 2 Force x displacement
Choice 2 Distance x speed

Choice 2 Displacement x speed

Q10. What term refers to the net effect of applying a force for a time period?
Choice 1 Interact

Choice 2 Impact
Choice 3 Implode
Choice 4 Impulse

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