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Other Sources of Educational Data

UK Data Archive
This website contains the largest number of social and economic datasets available to download relating to the UK for secondary analysis. It includes the following major datasets:

  • Youth Cohort Study of England and Wales
  • British, Scottish and Northern Irish Social Attitudes Surveys
  • General Household Survey
  • Millenium Cohort Study
  • National Child Development Study

National Center for Educational Statistics
The NCES is located within the U.S. Department of Education and the Institute of Education Sciences and is the primary federal entity for collecting and analyzing educational data. This website contains a wealth of information including information and datasets from the following major surveys and databases:

  • National Household Education Surveys
  • Early Childhood Longitudinal Study (ECLS)
  • Education Longitudinal Study of 2002 (ELS)
  • Schools and Staffing Survey (SASS)
  • School District Demographics System (SDDS)

OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA)
PISA is an internationally standardised assessment that was jointly developed by participating countries and administered to15-year-olds in schools. Its first survey in 2000 included data on 43 countries and the latest survey, to begin in 2009 currently has 62 countries signed up. The datasets from this programme allow detailed international comparisons on student achievement.

UNESCO Institute for Statistics
This website contains a wealth of international education statistics relating to pre-primary, primary, secondary, post-secondary non-tertiary, and tertiary education, as well as education finance. Education indicators on literacy, gender disparities, out-of-school children, and so on have a high priority.

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