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National Household Education Survey (NHES)
The NHES Program comprises three nationwide surveys undertaken in America. These two datasets were taken from two of these surveys conducted in 2005: the After-School Programs and Activities Survey and the Early Childhood Program Participation. This website contains full details on these surveys, including the full datasets to download and analyze as well as the questionnaires used and technical reports explaining precisely how the surveys were undertaken.




Northern Ireland Young Life and Times
The bullying dataset formed part of the 2005 Young Life and Times Survey conducted in Northern Ireland. This website contains the full dataset for 2005 and other years free to download and analyze. Also available are the original questionnaires for each survey to download as well as the technical reports explaining precisely how the surveys were undertaken.




United Nations Statistics Division
This website contains a wealth of national indicators. Follow the link on the homepage for 'Demographic and Social Statistics' to find educational indicators. The website also contains details on all of the indicators used and their limitations.




DfES School and College Achievement and Attainment Tables
The data included in this dataset were taken from this website that provides annual information on the performance of schools and colleges in England.




Youth Cohort Study of England and Wales
The data contained in this dataset were taken from the Youth Cohort Study of England and Wales. Datasets for successive cohorts from the study can be downloaded from this website as well as full documentation on the surveys in relation to the questionnaires sent out and the sampling methodology used.

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