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All of the datasets referred to in the book can be downloaded from the table below. Depending on your system, you can either click on the link and open the dataset directly and/or save it to your computer first before opening it with SPSS as shown in the book (Chapter 1).

Descriptions of all the variables included in each dataset are also available below to download as PDF files. Further information on some of the datasets can be found on the Datasets page of the Useful Websites section.

Please click on these links for information on Student Versions of SPSS and what to do if you have problems opening any of the datasets.


Alternative Dataset
(Only for SPSS Student Version)

Description of Variables (PDF)

afterschools.sav (1.1MB)

Download (136KB)

Download (32KB)

bullying.sav (17KB)

Download (12KB)

earlychildhood.sav (814KB)

Download (136KB)

Download (40KB)

experiment.sav (2KB)

Download (8KB)

international.sav (2KB)

Download (8KB)

timeseries.sav (2KB)

Download (8KB)

valueadded.sav (6KB)

Download (8KB)

youthcohort.sav (582KB)

Download (68KB)

Download (15KB)

20samples.sav (356KB)

Download (48KB)

Download (11KB)

Student Versions of SPSS

In relation to the procedures covered in this book, the student version of SPSS is exactly the same as the full version. However the student version is limited by the fact that it is not possible to analyze very large datasets with it (i.e. those with more than 50 variables and/or more than 1,500 cases). Unfortunately, four of the datasets used in this book do contain more than 1,500 cases and so reduced versions have been specifically prepared for use by those of you with student versions of SPSS. This has been done simply by creating a dataset of 1,450 cases selected randomly from each of the larger datasets respectively. This will allow you to follow all of the examples covered in the book step-by-step. However, because the reduced datasets have been selected randomly the output you will obtain when following some of the procedures covered in the book will differ very slightly from that reported. This is not a problem and you should still find that you get broadly the same findings as those reported in the book.

Problems Opening the Datasets

If you do experience problems opening some of the datasets check that you are not using the student version of SPSS and trying to open one of the large datasets. You can check this easily by attempting to open one of the small datasets, such as 'experiment.sav'.

If you continue to experience problems and/or the datasets do not appear as they do in the textbook then click here to download datasets in an alternative (SPSS portable) format.

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