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Introducing Philosophy of Religion
Chad Meister
Pb ISBN: 978-0-415-40327-6

Does God exist? What about evil and suffering? How does faith relate to science? Is there life after death? These questions fascinate everyone and lie at the heart of philosophy of religion. Chad Meister offers an up-to-date introduction to the field, focussing not only on traditional debates but also on contemporary concepts such as the intelligent creator. Key topics, such as divine reality and the self and religious experience, are discussed in relation to different faiths.

Introducing Philosophy of Religion:

  • offers a lucid overview of contemporary philosophy of religion
  • introduces the key figures in the history of philosophy of religion
  • explores the impact of religious diversity and pluralism
  • examines the main arguments for and against the existence of God and the nature of the divine
  • looks at science and issues of faith and reason
  • explores how the different religions approach the concept of life after death.

The wealth of textbook features, including tables of essential information, questions for reflection, summaries, glossary and recommendations for further reading make the book ideal for student use. Along with its accompanying Reader, this is the perfect introductory package for undergraduate philosophy of religion courses.

The Philosophy of Religion Reader
Chad Meister
Pb ISBN: 978-0-415-40891-2

Philosophy of religion today is a fascinating and flourishing field. This new Reader brings together a collection of classical and contemporary key writings, offering students a comprehensive and completely up to date overview of the field. Global in perspective, it includes selections from non-theistic sources, as well as those from the Western theistic traditions of philosophy of religion and philosophical theology. Ten thematic sections, chosen to reflect current trends and research interests in the field, include debates that will be of interest to students and scholars alike:

  • Religious Diversity
  • The Nature and Attributes of God/Ultimate Reality
  • Arguments For and Against the Existence of God
  • Faith, Reason and Evidence
  • Science, Religion and Miracles
  • The Self and the Human Condition
  • Religious Experience
  • The Problem of Evil
  • Death and the Afterlife
  • Recent Trends

To aid student learning, editorial introductions begin each thematic section, and each selection is supported with a contextual introduction, essay questions for discussion and a list of annotated further readings. There are also extensive bibliographies.