Chapter 5

Chapter Summary:

Traditionally, European politics is characterised by a two-headed executive. The head of state and the government share executive power in many European countries. However, in most countries the role of the head of state is just a formality.

This chapter seeks to examine the two different patterns of government within Europe (majoritarian and consensual), comparing and contrasting different countries, many of whom have a mixture of two patterns.

It also analyses the growing phenomenon of the presidentialisation of the office of the Prime Minister.

Questions for Revision:

• Compare the main features of majoritarian and consensus governments. Use examples of at least two different countries.
• What are the main differences between government in the United Kingdom and in Germany?
• What is understood under a ‘semi-presidential’ political system and how widespread is it in Europe? Discuss using examples of at least two different countries.
• Is ‘presidentialisation’ of government in Europe an old or a new phenomenon? Discuss using two different countries.
• Explain the main steps in the formation of coalition government in the Netherlands and/or Belgium.

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