Chapter 7

Chapter Summary:

In the past four decades national public administrations have been subject to major transformations and the expansion of ‘new public management’ has led to a transformation of government into governance.  The growing necessity to steer all these public-private networks has become a central task of post-modern governance. In this chapter, we show how different countries adjusted to these transformations focusing particularly on how bureaucracies had to change and adopt these principles.

Questions for Revision:

• What are common features of public administrations in Europe? Discuss using examples of at least two countries.
• What is understood under ‘new public management’ and what impact has it on national public administrations?
• Compare the main features of British and German administrative styles.
• How efficient are public administrations in Southern, Central and Eastern Europe? Discuss using examples of at least one country of each region.
• Discuss the impact of European integration on national public administrations.

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