Welcome to Production Management for Television. This site provides you with a basic set of forms to enable you to carry out most of the tasks required to make television production efficient and effective. While it will not make sure that your scripts and shots are well written and directed, it will help you to keep track of all the other tasks that need to be completed before the job is finished.

Professional Production Managers will all have their favourite lists and forms, many of them they will have developed themselves over the months and years while they have been gaining experience and expertise.

Most of us, however, are not Production Managers, although some may well have their sights set on a future career in production management. If you are setting up your first production, starting a small production company or are part of a student production team, then these forms are here to get you started. Every one of them is available as a ‘live’ file. In other words you can download the file and then change and develop it as you want and as your experience dictates.

Completing forms is not perhaps the most exciting part of television production. Without the forms there would be chaos and chaos does not usually lead to good programmes or satisfied clients. Ensuring that a production runs smoothly and that every member of the team is able to do their job with the right equipment in the right place at the right time and on budget is one of the most satisfying jobs in the business!

If this book and these forms help you to achieve the goal of efficient production management then your efforts (and mine) will have been worthwhile!

Leslie Mitchell