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This site is for students and researchers in the study of new media technologies and cultures. It contains links to reading and resources that support, develop, or challenge the ideas and debates set out in the book New Media: a critical introduction.

The book New Media: A Critical Introduction offers conceptual frameworks for thinking through the cultural implications of new media. It is a book about the questions, the ideas and debates — the critical issues — that the emergence of new media technologies has given rise to.

In this we the authors draw on our various disciplinary backgrounds in visual culture, media and cultural history, media theory, media production, philosophy and the history of the sciences, political economy and sociology. However, despite these disciplinary differences we have in common a commitment to a synthetic approach to new media studies; the field is so complex that it must be addressed by combining and synthesising, knowledges. This website extends the reach of the book into further reading, additional case studies and Internet resources. In this it asks you the reader (and now, you the website user) to do some synthetic work of your own: this site provides the links, you need to make the connections.

The site is organised into the following sections:

This site is very much a work in progress. We will update and extend it regularly, so please bookmark it and return every now and then to see what's new.

Seth Giddings is the author of this website and can be contacted at [email protected].

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