Authors' Work Online

Martin Lister

Jon Dovey

How Do You Play? Identity, Technology and Ludic Culture

Big Brother International

Screen media practice research and peer review, Journal of Media Practice, 8(1), May 2007

‘Why am I in Vietnam? A computer game case study’ Powerpoint slides from keynote talk at the Aesthetics of Play conference, Bergen 2005:

Guest editor of Game Studies (special issue on the Games Cultures conference, Bristol 2001), December 2002

Game Cultures on Media Studies 2.0 forum:

Jon Dovey, Ale Fernandez & Barry Parsons, Dream Machines: the intersection of live arts practices and games engine technologies

Seth Giddings

Playing with nonhumans: digital games as technocultural form (published in Suzanne de Castell & Jennifer Jenson (eds) Worlds in Play: international perspectives on digital games research, New York: Peter Lang 2007)

Events and collusions: a glossary for the microethnography of videogame play, Games and Culture, 2008 (draft)

‘A pataphysics engine: technology, realities and play’, Games and Culture 2007 (draft)

Dionysiac machines: videogames and the triumph of the simulacra, Convergence 2007 (draft)

Playing with theory: videogames, the technological imaginary and a new media studies, presentation at Playing With The Future conference, University of Manchester 2002

Walkthrough: videogames and technocultural form (PHd, University of the West of England, 2006)

Iain Hamilton Grant

Schellingianism & Postmodernity: Towards a Materialist Naturphilosophie, Philosophy of Culture, 1998

Kieran Kelly