Useful Websites

Websites about Buddhism

Digital Dictionary of Buddhism:  
Digital Library and Museum of Buddhist Studies:
Chinese Buddhist Electronic Text Association (CBETA):
Journal of Buddhist Ethics:
The Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center:

Websites about Confucianism

Confucian Tradition:
Cult of Confucius:
Confucianism (Chinese Text Project):

Websites about Daoism

Daoist studies:
Daoism and the Arts of China:
Center for Daoist Studies:  
The Golden Elixir: Taoism and Chinese Alchemy:   

Other websites with information about Chinese religions

Sacred Mountains and Sites in China:
International Dunhuang Project:
Falun Gong: Evaluation and Further References: 
Chinese Religious Culture: Research Guide:

Websites with images and information about Chinese/Asian art

Asia Society Collection: 
The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art:
Musée Guimet:
Freer & Sackler Galleries (Smithsonian):
Kyoto National Museum:
Tokyo National Museum:
Japanese Buddhist Statuary:
National Palace Museum:

Websites about Religious Studies

Religious Worlds:
Studying Religion:
Forum on Religion and Ecology:

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