About the Book

Introducing Daoism is a lively and accessible introduction to this influential Chinese religious tradition, presenting its key concepts and major practices in an integrated historical survey.

Livia Kohn traces Daoism (also known as Taoism) back to its origins in Chinese antiquity, following it through the Tang, Ming and Quing dynasties, and into the present day. She explores its movements and schools and outlines the foundations of the tradition in the works of ancient philosophers, such as Laozi and Zhuangi, as well as in early forms of self-cultivation and traditional Chinese cosmology.
Each chapter introduces the main historical events of the period, the leading figures in Daoism, and Daoist scriptures and practices, as well as covering topics such as rituals and doctrine, meditation, mythology and poetry.

Introducing Daoism includes a chapter on the current state of Daoism in China and examines its adaptations in the West. Concluding with a reflection on the nature and study of Daoism outlining the main academic trends and key issues that face the tradition today, this is essential reading both for students and for anyone interested in learning more about this fascinating tradition.
Illustrated throughout, the book also includes text boxes, a dynastic chart, a pronunciation guide and a glossary, and a list of further reading to aid students' understanding and revision.