Test Yourself

Test Yourself

Exam & Study Tips

The AQA have put a number of sample questions and mark schemes for the new specification on their website You may find it useful to look at the sample questions as this will give you an idea of what to expect in the exam.

Here are some general tips about exams from a number of students at

There are some good note taking tips at these websites — good notes can really aid revision for exams:

Try planning your revision using our revision timetable.


At these sites, you can find some tips on designing useful questionnaires:

The University of Southampton study skills website is a useful source of tips on improving study and graduate skills:

Free tutorials on a range of skills and techniques in relevant areas.

The following site offers free downloads about different aspects of study skills.

eStudyCentre pulls together extracts from the best books currently available on study skills.

Study Guides and Strategies

A guide to learning styles

James Cook University in Queensland. A knowledge of your own and others' preferred learning styles can be of great benefit to your study at university as well as any aspect of your life that involves teaching and learning.