About the Author

Dr. Sarah Parcak is originally from Bangor, Maine.  She did her undergraduate work in Egyptology and Archaeological Studies at Yale University, when she received a Henry Fellowship to study at Cambridge University.  Dr. Parcak completed her PhD in the Department of Archaeology at Cambridge (Trinity College).  She is the founding Director of the Laboratory for Global Health Observation at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), where she also holds a tenure-track position in the Dept. of Anthropology, School of Social and Behavioral Sciences.  Dr. Parcak is an expert in the use of satellite remote sensing to detect previously unknown archaeological sites and for modeling past landscapes, and is Director of the Middle Egypt Survey Project and Co-Director of the Surveys and Excavation Projects in Egypt with her husband, Dr. Greg Mumford. She is widely published in archaeological journals.  Dr Parcak has received extensive media coverage for her work in satellite archaeology by the Discovery Channel (where she was featured in “Why Ancient Egypt Fell”), The Economist, The Times, Popular Science, National Geographic News and Internet-based news channels such a Google, LiveScience, AOL, Yahoo, and MSNBC.