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This is the companion website for Religions in the Modern World. Comprehensive in its coverage, this completely revised and updated second edition of Religions in the Modern World considers the history and modern practices of the world’s main religious traditions. It analyses trends in the manifestation of religion in the modern world, from secularization to the rise of new spiritualities, and is at the cutting edge of developments in the study of religion.

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'This is a remarkably comprehensive guide to the study of religion in the contemporary world. It provides clear explanations of key terms and useful accounts of major religious traditions—such as Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam—as well as newly commissioned chapters on contemporary practices that fall beyond the boundaries of religious institutions—such as Spirituality, Popular Culture, and Secularism. A wonderful book that is perfect for classroom use.'

- Thomas A. Tweed, author of Crossing and Dwelling: A Theory of Religion

'Religion has entered a global era, and this book convincingly shows how today's religious traditions confront modernity and the transnational forces that shape our times. A fine group of scholars portray each tradition in its modern transformations, and a series of thematic essays relate contemporary faith to the large issues of global politics, secularization and social change. This is truly an introduction to religion that fits the multiple modernities of our global world.'

- Mark Juergensmeyer, Professor of Global Studies, UC-Santa Barbara and President, American Academy of Religion

'The second edition of this widely used textbook reflects on recent changes in the domain of religion the world over and by taking these developments seriously, provides an excellent pedagogical tool for tackling in the classroom various new forms of religion, religious belief, behavior and commitment.'

- Veikko Anttonen, University of Turku, Finland

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