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Welcome to our new site for Theatre Histories: Second Edition. We've added a wide range of new materials to help you use this unique and exciting book. We hope they will prove helpful, whether you're studying or teaching, familiar with the project from the first edition or coming to it for the first time.

Click on ‘for the student’ for expanded bibliographies, which support the part overviews of the period, the chapters and the innovative case studies.

Once you're there, you can link to other websites and audio-visual resources to bring to life some of the theatrical forms under discussion.

You can also explore the discussion questions arising from the case studies for an in-depth understanding of the types of theatre discussed, and the ‘interpretative approach’ used to investigate them. And you can test your knowledge — or refresh your memory — of key concepts using the online glossary.

If you're a teacher, click on ‘for the instructor’ to access ‘conversations with teachers’, which offers ways of teaching theatre and performance history congenial with the aims of the book. Be interactive and share your teaching suggestions with others too: we'll post them on the website.

We hope you'll enjoy using this book and its associated online resources. Let us know what you think!

Moira Taylor and Talia Rodgers

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