a personal rehearsal diary

by Scott Graham

from the making of pool (no water) by Mark Ravenhill

Day 11 (Tuesday after Bank Holiday)

I stay at home today and get stuck into the resource pack. It is a bit of a monster and takes a lot of time that I don’t really have so I have had to come out of rehearsals and focus purely on getting some of it out of the way. As today is a day of rail strikes it seemed to make sense rather than spend at least four hours travelling to rehearsals. In fact it could have been a lot more. So it has at least been productive. The downside is that the set was brought up from Plymouth at the weekend and is now in the rehearsal space and I have not seen it. Seeing it in model form does not really prepare you for standing in front of it for the first time. At the moment I am full of questions – ‘Will it work? Does it help us? Is it reminiscent of another set? Is it limiting? Intimidating?’

I spoke to Steven during the day as he and the performers had had the day to take it all in. All he could say was ‘It is big. It is BIG.’ He also added that the performers have appeared to have kicked up a gear. This may be due to the stage we are at (the start of week 3 of 5) but it may also be the invigorating effect of the set. It makes everything more real. It gives you surfaces to perform off, to jump off, to lean on, rather than performing in a void. This sounds like a petty point but it does make a difference.

As they had a good day yesterday, hopefully they will have things to show me. This will allow me to see the set instantly in context and allows me to settle back in and catch up. Four days away does seem like a long time.