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Chapter 6: Issues in argument-assessment

Students’ material:  solutions

1 False; 2 True; 3 True; 4 True; 5 True; 6 False; 7 True; 8 False; 9 True; 10 False

1 Yes; 2 Yes; 3 No; 4 Yes; 5 No; 6 Yes; 7 No; 8 Yes; 9 Yes; 10 No

1 Yes; 2 Yes; 3 Yes; 4 No; 5 No; 6 Yes; 7 Yes; 8 Yes; 9 No; 10 No


a) Juan is German, not Spanish, and most Germans are not practising Catholics. (Defeats)
b) Juan is not religious. (Defeats)
c) Juan only moved to Madrid last year, before that he lived in Barcelona, where he was born and brought. (Does not defeat)

a) The last time Fengyi remembers having his sunhat was yesterday. (Does not defeat)
b) This is the second time this week that Fengyi has lost his sunhat. (Does not defeat)
c) Fengyi accidentally dropped his sunhat over the edge of the ferry and into the sea yesterday. (Defeats)

a) Farah prefers reading books to watching television or films. (Does not defeat)
b) Farah said she didn't enjoy the film Avatar. (Defeats)
c) Farah watched Avatar at the cinema four times. (Does not defeat)

a) The 'Spinning Inverted Death Twist' ride was invented in 2009. (Does not defeat)
b) Despite it's name, the 'Spinning Inverted Death Twist' ride is very gentle, does not involve going upside down, and is not frightening at all. (Defeats)
c) My fifteen year-old brother went on the 'Spinning Inverted Death Twist' ride and he loved it. (Does not defeat)

a) There are four students enrolled in the class. (Defeats)
b) The school teacher is very unpopular with the students. (Does not defeat)
c) There are 20 students enrolled in the class, and the teacher was fifteen minutes late so 12 students who had come to class had already left before she arrived. (Defeats)

a) Jim is terrible at bowling, and Regina is quite good. (Defeats)
b) Regina always loses her temper when she loses any game or competition. (Does not defeat)
c) Jim often wins bowling competitions. (Does not defeat)

a) It's an elm. (Defeats)
b) It's an oak. (Defeats)
c) It's a beech. (Does not defeat)

a) This is the last meeting. (Does not defeat)
b) John has promised that this time he won't be late, and John always fulfils his promises. (Defeats)
c) June has been late for the last seven meetings. (Does not defeat)

a) The film is badly acted, badly shot, badly plotted, not funny, four hours long, and in Finnish, a language that Edouard does not understand. (Defeats)
b) The film is based on a French novel. (Does not defeat)
c) The film is set in space, and Edouard doesn't like any films set in space. (Defeats)

a) The lift is already at the bottom floor. (Defeats)
b) The lift is broken. (Does not defeat)
c) The stairs are very steep and slippy. (Does not defeat)



There is not one correct answer for these exercises because there will be more than one plausible generalisation that the arguer could be relying on. But here are some suggested answers.

1. If nobody has managed to build something even when people have tried, no one will ever build it.

2. If you enjoy doing something then, even if other people say you shouldn’t do it, you should do it.

3. If something is not working, even though it has just been looked at by a professional, you should repair it yourself this time.

4. If you can easily use something to kill or seriously injure someone, civilians shouldn't be allowed to keep that thing at home.

5. If most people in group A are also in group B, most people in group B are also in group A.

6. If it won't take you long to do something, and doing it will help someone else, you should probably do that thing.

7. If an animal isn't a bird or an insect, then it can't fly.

8. The majority of the best players of a sport come from the country in which that sport was invented.

9. If you like food A and you like food B, then you would probably like a combination of foods A and B.

10. If most of the people who get something illegally could not afford to buy that thing legally, then getting that thing illegally is not immoral.

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