Panizza Allmark

Critical Thinking Questions

Read Panizza Allmark’s article pp 167-181 and answer the following questions

1.  What is meant in the context developed by Allmark of a ‘photographic tactical approach’?

2. How could a photographic tactical approach be applied to street scenes?


Consider a location where you might put this into practice. What elements might constitute your tactics and why did you choose them?

3.  What are the benefits of producing a dialectical image?

“Following de Certeau (1985: 127) in his discussion of practices of space, my work concerning public spaces also involves tactics that ‘play upon “opportunities”, catch occurrences, and the opacities of history’ rather than a strategic practice which may be considered masculine and connotes a history of militarisation and organisational and institutional control. Tactics are ‘a way of operating available to people displaced and excluded as “other” by the bordering actions of strategy’ (Morris, 1992: 33). As such, the photographic approach involves tactics that seek to disrupt the masculine strategic hold of public space.”
(Allmark, P. Section 2 p172)

4. What is meant by ‘concerned photography’?

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