Roger Canals - Studying Images Through Images

Critical thinking questions

1. How can we understand the complex hybrid form of Maria Lionza? Are there similar phenomena in Western culture?

2. Above are two stills from the film. Consider the meanings and interpretations of the Maria Lionza figure depicted and the connections that might be drawn to notions of embodied experience, sexualities, ethnic identity, power and resistance.

3. It would be interesting to examine whether participation in cults like Maria Lionza fluctuates with economic conditions – what might we expect to happen in the event of a marked economic downturn and/or improvement, and why?

4. Can you collect images which show a key cultural icon? This could be, for example, a historical (or mythical) figure, a sporting hero, a royal or a modern-day celebrity – what are the values associated with this figure? Is there evidence that the figure is manifest differently by different social/cultural groups? What social function might such an icon play?

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