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Dr Roger Canals



María Lionza is the most popular Goddess in Venezuela. Several individuals belonging to very different social circles maintain particular links with her image. In the Venezuelan mythological universe this Goddess is an exceptional case because, depending on the representations, she is represented as an Indian, mixed-race, white and black woman. Sometimes she is a beneficial entity and sometimes an evil one. The individuals in this documentary offer a portrait of the rich symbolism of Maria Lionza, and highlight some of the roles her image plays in contemporary Venezuelan society, and some of the ethnic, religious and social conflicts which characterise this society. At the end of the film, at an opening of an exhibition on María Lionza, all the images shown during the film coincide in one space.

Selected for the festivals:

-Festival International: Jean Rouch 2008 (Paris, France).
-Festival of Visual Culture: Viscult 2008 (Joensuu, Finland).
-XVII International Festival of Ethnological Film 2008 (Belgrade, Serbia).
-Delhi International Ethnographic Film Festival 2008 (Delhi, India).
-Festival du Film Ethnographique du Québec 2009 (Montreal, Québec).
-Days of ethnographic film in Rovinj 2009 (Croatia).
-Reflets du cinéma ibérique et latino-américain 2009 (Lyon, France).
-International Showcase of Ethnographic and Documentary Cinema in Puerto Rico 2009.
-Regard Bleu #5 2009 (Zurich, Switzerland).
-14th Rio International Ethnographic Film Festival 2009 (Brazil).

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