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Chapter 19 – Greek and Etruscan cities in Italy

Chapter Summary

Greek and Etruscan cities, together with the Phoenician (explored earlier in Chapter 11), dominated the central Mediterranean during much of the first millennium BC. Both would contribute much to the Romans, their eventual conquerors. The nature of these cities is explored here.



Study guide

  1. Why, when, and where did Greeks establish colonies in the central Mediterranean?  What was the relationship between these cities and those that founded them?

  2. Describe the city plan of Poseidonia (Paestum). How did the plan change from Greek to Roman times?

  3. To what degree did the tyrants who ruled Syracuse promote themselves through art and architecture?

  4. Who were the Etruscans? Aim to have basic knowledge of their civilization: origins, language, customs, and history.

  5. To what degree does the layout of Marzabotto exemplify Etruscan city planning?

  6. What are the key features of the typical Etruscan temple, such as the Portonaccio Temple at Veii?

  7. What features characterize Etruscan tombs and their decoration? Support your answer with specific examples.


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