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Welcome to the Companion Website for Charles Gates, Ancient Cities. The Archaeology of Urban Life in the Ancient Near East and Egypt, Greece, and Rome, second edition (Routledge, 2011). Here you will find the illustrations from the book; study guides designed to help you focus on important issues; a glossary of technical terms worth knowing, as well as flashcards to test yourself on the key terms from each chapter; and selected internet sites of current excavation projects or of themes relevant to the chapter. You will also find an interactive timeline, a new feature for Routledge Classical Studies websites, which allows you to view a summary of the important sites, monuments, people and periods discussed in the book, and to follow links between the entries.

Almost all maps, plans, and line drawings in Ancient Cities are the work of Neslihan Yılmaz. For a complete list of the sources of all illustrations, including photographs, see “Illustration sources” in the book.

The internet contains much information about the cities and civilizations presented in this book. My recommendations of internet sites are selective. I emphasize web sites of ongoing archaeological projects, sites that might be difficult for a reader to identify among the many choices offered by search engines. Moreover, since internet sites can disappear as rapidly as they appear, my recommendations are limited to sites that offer not only useful information, but also the promise of a long life.

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Charles Gates

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