Welcome to the companion website for Social Work Placements: A traveller's guide.

We hope you are enjoying your journey through Socialworkland and that the Guide is helping you to make sense of your placement, with all its opportunities and challenges. This companion website allows us to include material for which there is no space in the Guide itself; visiting this website is, therefore, rather like calling in to the Travellers Information Bureau in Socialworkland in order to pick up some extra brochures and additional information.

The leaflets, forms and documents on this site are presented as examples of some of the accessories that are mentioned in the Guide. They have been kindly made available by Sheffield Hallam University, which holds copyright on the materials. These documents are, indeed, examples and not necessarily exemplars — in other words, they are presented to demonstrate to readers the general kinds of document that are available to be used to support social work students’ placements.

For those documents that have been written and completed, permissions have been granted by the individuals concerned, to whom we extend our sincere thanks. These materials have been anonymised to preserve individuals' privacy and confidentiality. They have not been proofread but are presented in the ‘Travellers Information Bureau’ just as they were written.

The file number refers to the page or pages in which the document is referenced in the Guide. So, 35 Checklist refers to page 35 of the Guide, where the Checklist is mentioned.

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