Your advertising career is about to begin.

Whether you are an aspiring advertising creative, designer, account manager, PR/publicity consultant or marketing manager, Advertising is an engaging source of inspiration for those dark, idea-less days and a motivator when those job interviews or placements seem in short supply. This companion website at supports the book with further examples and ideas to inspire as well as offering up-to-date advice.

The book is filled with numerous visual examples of advertising thinking, with words of advice and guidance from some of the industry's most respected practitioners and insights from graduates who faced the same challenges you soon will in securing that elusive first job.

Add to that an extensive supply of hints and tips to enhance your creative thinking processes, take the work you do beyond what you think you are capable of and, crucially, gain an edge at job interviews.

Maybe advertising doesn't need another graduate, but then you won’t be just another graduate will you?

Hi, I'm Andy Tibbs and for the past 10 years I have been Senior Lecturer in Advertising at the University of Gloucestershire. I have worked for over 20 years as an art director and designer across many business sectors, with a list of clients including: Volkswagen UK, Bovis Homes, HBOS, Gleneagles Golf Resort, British Gas, Hilton Hotels and Capital One — among many others. More recently I've also worked as a freelance trainer, inspiring secondary school teachers to include insightful, relevant creative teaching in their art & design programmes.

More importantly than telling you about me, I want to inspire you. In my book, I will explore the advertising business and what it expects from students and graduates like you. With the help of people who already work in the industry you will also learn about what you can do to make yourself more interesting to advertising and media employers.

Enjoy the book and please tell me and other students about your experiences on the road to advertising success on my Twitter and Facebook pages. Good luck!

Make getting a job in advertising your single, abiding goal. Forget WHERE you would like to work. Concentrate on WHEN. Think job. Not company name. Go get. And when you get it (and you will), feel free to party like a bastard. You will have deserved it. You will be the proud owner of the best job in the world.
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