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Introducing Buddhism

This is the companion website forthe second edition of Introducing Buddhism. This book is the ideal resource for all students beginning the study of this fascinating religious tradition. It explains the religion’s key teachings and traces its historical development and geographical spread from its foundations up to the present day. Charles S. Prebish and Damien Keown, two of today’s leading Buddhist scholars, devote a chapter each to the major regions where Buddhism has flourished - India, South-east Asia, East Asia and Tibet. In addition, contemporary concerns are discussed, including important and relevant topics such as Engaged Buddhism, Buddhist Ethics, Buddhism and the Western World and Meditation.

This new edition includes more material on the different schools of Buddhism including explanations in graphic form, monastic life, popular religion, Buddhist ethics, ritual, the Bodhisattva Path, the Jatakas, the transmission of Buddhism, and class, gender and race.

A full list of features on this website include:

  • General Resources: essay questions and useful websites for both students and instructors
  • Student Resources: pronunciation guide and self test questions
  • Instructor Resources: discussion questions, exam questions, and model syllabus
  • Feedback: send feedback to the book's publisher.

Erratum: In the acknowledgements on p.xi, we would like to thank Sharon Smith for her section on race, class and gender in chapter 14.

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