Assessment report activity


Now you have read Chapter 3, dig out your dyslexia report and take another look. (If you've lost your copy, you may be able to get another.)


See if you can find the key information. Don't worry if you can't find much – the language may be too technical. However, some of the language may be clearer to you by now.


The information you are looking for may be embedded in a lot of text or it may be in tables in an appendix. There should be a summary – this may be at the beginning or the end of the report.


Print out the Assessment report activity sheet.


See if you can find the words that describe you and put them into the table on the activity sheet. Try not to copy out everything, just select some key words such as:

·        average

·        reading age of 14

·        68th percentile

·        good vocabulary

·        weak working memory

·        difficulty putting together letter sounds

·        articulate


You may need to check out what some of the test are about. You can do this by returning to the page about dyslexia assessment tests and clicking here: Assessment tests


Ask a close friend or family member to help.

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