The Gypsy Method of Multiplying


You can use it only for numbers from 6 to 10, But the multiplication tables of these numbers are more difficult than those from 2 to 5. 


Number the fingers on both hands from 6 to 10. You can do this with a ball-point pen. Now place your palms together but not touching.

Hands with numbered fingertips

Example:  To multiply 8 by 9


         Put the tip of the finger marked 8 of one hand to touch the tip of the finger marked 9 on the other hand

         Count the fingers and thumbs from your thumbs up to and including the two fingers that are touching – 7. This is the number of tens – 70.

         Count the remaining fingers on one hand and multiply it by the number of remaining fingers on the other – two fingers left on one hand and one

         on the other: 2 x 1 = 2. These are the units.

         Put the tens and units together to get the correct answer, 72.


It may seem a bit confusing and you'll need a lot of practise but it can really work and then lasts forever. It's a useful way of checking those awkward tables above 5 times, that seem to give the most trouble.



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