Paired Reading


You can improve your reading fluency through paired reading. Paired reading

           means reading aloud with someone who is a fluent reader

           helps you to become a more fluent reader


You read in turns and get help when you need it.


What do I do?

           Find someone who is a fluent reader, whom you can meet at least three times a week, everyday, if possible.

           Find some reading material that is about the level you feel you can cope with. To find out how to check the reading level click here.

           The other person reads a paragraph at a reasonable pace with good expression – not too fast, but not too slow either. This sets the rhythm.

           For the rest of the reading, the other person reads the first sentence, then you read the next sentence and so on.

           If you stumble over a word, then the other person reads that for you straightaway. This keeps the steady pace going.

           If you feel confident, then carry on reading instead of changing over. This probably means that you are nearly ready for texts of a higher level.


What next?

           At each session, keep reading at the level of reading you've chosen until you are reading with good rhythm and expression, but with very few hesitations.


           Now you can move up to the next level. You gradually increase the degree of difficulty but don't do this until you feel you are fluent at the current level.


How often?

           At least half an hour three times per week if possible, or 20 minutes daily.




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