Using mnemonics in spelling

(If you can spell that, you will be doing well!)


Mnemonics are a way of remembering things. In spelling this is usually by making up sentences where the first letter of each word in the sentence adds up to spell the word you want.


For this to work best:

         the sentence should be related to the meaning of the word you are trying to remember how to spell


         the first word of the sentence should be the word you are learning to spell





Pouring rain encourages crops immediately. Puts into tropical areas the ingredients of nature.




Dyslexia - you sometimes learn exceptionally if allowed!




Necessary equipment cuts each sausage slice about right, yes!

We can never quite remember whether there are two c's or two s's!

So, we use colour to help us; blue for single letters and red for letters that are repeated twice.


Now try it for yourself.  Find four words you regularly mis-spell.  Check you have spelt them correctly, and then make up a memorable mnemonic for each word.  (Some people find it easier to remember rude mnemonics!)

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