About me

Una Cunningham

Name: Una Cunningham

Education: BA and PhD from the University of Nottingham, UK. Docent (Associate Professor) in Phonetics at Stockholm University, Sweden.

Work: Lecturer in Language Education at Stockholm University, Sweden. Download a list of my publications.

Research: Second language phonology and net-based learning.

Family: Staffan and I have been married since 1985. We live in Uppsala, Sweden. Our four bilingual children are adults or almost so now, and we see most of them most weekends!

Writing: Staffan and I wrote the first two editions of Growing Up with Two Languages together. We have also written a number of books about the Internet for teachers and school use, and an English textbook. I have also written a children's book in Swedish with another author, Niklas Krog.

Other interests: Hiking in Sweden and in Spain and Portugal.

Work and free time

The best thing about being a parent of grown-up children is getting to know them as adults. A side effect is that they don't need you all the time, which leaves oceans of time to do other things, like work, write and hike, all of which were much more difficult when the children were small. In fact, looking back, it is hard to see how we actually managed to do anything at all other than raise children and keep the household functioning! So if you are in the middle of raising children, bear in mind that it does usually get easier as they get older!

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