Family by a lake

Listen to what grown-up children have to say about life with more than one language

On this page you will find sound bites with excerpts from some of my interviews with people who have themselves grown up with more than one language.

Anders at 22

An excerpt from an interview with my son Anders. Here he is talking about the balance between the languages.

ListenListen to Anders's experiences

Leif at 24


This is an excerpt from an interview with my son Leif at the age of 24 about language and identity.

ListenListen to Leif's experiences

Anthony from Sierra Leone


Now Anthony lives in Sweden with his family (listen to his story in Parents). But he grew up in Sierra Leone with several languages.

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Loretta from London


Loretta grew up in London with an Italian-speaking mother. She later moved to Sweden and raised her own children speaking English and Swedish (listen to her story in Parents).

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Adam from Scotland


“Adam” (not his real name) grew up with his brother in Scotland with a Czech dad and an Iranian mum. He didn't know much English when he started school, but became fluent in all three languages. Later he spent periods in France and Germany and became fluent in these languages too. I met him while he was travelling in Sweden.

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David from Scotland


David grew up in Edinburgh with English and Scots. His interest in language and politics later took him to Catalonia and then to Galicia, where he now lives. Listen here to his own experiences of life with English and Scots. On the Parents page you will find his story of raising children with English, Spanish and Galician.

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Pilar from Catalonia


Pilar’ (not her real name) grew up in Catalonia, with a Spanish-speaking father and a Catalan-speaking mother. She now lives in Sweden.

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Muhammed Nazir from Lahore, Pakistan


Nazir came to Sweden to study, but he grew up with Urdu, Punjabi, Hindko and Pashto before learning English at school.

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Clare from Canada


Clare lives in Sweden now, and has a son of her own (listen to her story in Parents), but she grew up in Canada, a bilingual country. Here she tells me of her experiences as an English-speaking child in Canada, learning French and later Swedish.

ListenListen to Clare's experiences

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