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Listen to what other parents have to say about life with more than one language

On this page you will find sound bites with excerpts from some of my interviews with parents who have current or past experience of raising children with more than one language.

Anthony from Sierra Leone


Anthony himself grew up with several languages (listen to his story on the Children's page). Now he is bringing up his daughter in English and Swedish in Sweden.

ListenListen to Anthony's experiences

Loretta from London


Loretta grew up in London with Italian and English (listen to that story on the Children's page). Here she tells about a later stage in life, bringing up children to speak English and Swedish in Sweden.

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David from Scotland


On the Children's page, David tells the story of his own upbringing with Scots and English. As an adult he added Spanish, Catalan and Galician to the equation and here he tells of his experiences.

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Jérôme-Frédéric Josserand and Celine Rocher-Hahlin


This is an informal chat in French between Celine and Jérôme, both lecturers in French at Dalarna University in Sweden. They have both raised children in Sweden with Swedish partners.

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Clare from Canada


Clare tells about her experiences as an English-speaker from Canada, raising a son with a Swedish father in Sweden. The family has passed through different phases of language usage.

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