Routledge are delighted to present our range of David Crystal titles.

David Crystal is undoubtedly one of the world's leading authorities on the English language and linguistics and has a unique talent for making the subject accessible and engaging. He has written and edited numerous books.

We are proud to be the publisher of Crystal's captivating professional memoir, Just a Phrase, and of Internet Linguistics, his essential guide to this fast-developing field, as well as the DVDs of his lectures: The Future of Language and David Crystal's Introduction to Language.

The Future of Language comes with a companion book; David Crystal's Introduction to Language has substantial supporting material on this website.

We do hope you enjoy these titles and find much of interest on this website. Please contact us with your feedback.

Louisa Semlyen
Publisher, English Language and Linguistics

  • David Crystals Introduction to Language
  • Internet Linguistics
  • The Future of Language
  • Just a Phrase I'm Going Through
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