About the Book

The worldwide success of International Marketing is without doubt due to the authors' thorough approach to the topic. Guided by the principle that marketing should be adapted to the consumer context, Onkvisit and Shaw use cutting-edge scholarly works to provide a theoretical and decision-making framework to guide marketing strategies and applications.

International Marketing has been written to enable managers and scholars to meet the international challenges they face every day. It provides the solid foundation required to understand the complexities of marketing on a global scale.

This 5th edition has been fully revised to include new data from top journals, Prices and Earnings (published by UBS), the International Monetary Fund, and Transparency International. It is also the only textbook available to provide an in-depth treatment of such important topics as intellectual property, national competitiveness, marketing barriers, gray marketing, global advertising, bribery, countertrade, and currency strategies.

The book includes chapters on:

  • trade distortions and marketing barriers
  • political and legal environments
  • culture
  • consumer behaviour
  • marketing research
  • product and distribution strategies
  • promotion and pricing strategies
  • currencies and foreign exchange

Accessibly written and designed, this book is the most international book on marketing available and is a must-read for undergraduates and postgraduates the world over.