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International Organizations

International Monetary Fund

World Trade Organization

global trade statistics

World Bank

World Bank country data

Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development

United Nations Conference on Trade and Investment, World Investment Report


Human Development Report

World Intellectual Property Organization

International Chamber of Commerce


U.S. Government
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Trade Information Center

Bureau of Economic Analysis

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Census Bureau

foreign trade statistics

Federal Reserve Board

Patent and Trademark Office, U.S. Dept. of Commerce

Copyright Office

U.S. Customs Service

U.S. Trade Representative

National Trade Estimate Report of Foreign Trade Barriers

U.S. International Trade Commission

U.S. import and export data

Central Intelligence Agency

World Fact Book

NGOs (Nongovernment Organizations)

The International Institute for Management Development

World Competitiveness Yearbook

Freedom House

Freedom in the World country ratings

World Economic Forum

Global Competitiveness Report

Heritage Foundation

Index of Economic Freedom

Languages and Business Etiquette

SIL International


U.S. Council for International Business

Education Testing Service

exchange rates

Chicago Mercantile Exchange

Localization Industry Standards Association

International Organization for Standardization