Useful Websites

Here are links to international, regional, and national organizations and government departments that provide useful information about international trade and finance issues. Also, we include several blogs where well-known economists give their interpretations of current events.

International Organizations

The World Trade Organization (multilateral trade negotiations, dispute settlement, trade policy reviews, trade barriers, and international trade data)

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development UNCTAD (foreign direct investment data, commodity trade conditions)

United Nation Commission on International Trade Law — UNCITRAL

The World Bank (The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development) (World Development Indicators)

World Intellectual Property Organization — WIPO

International Development Association

International Finance Corporation

Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency — MIGA

International Center for Settlements of Investment Disputes

International Labor Organization

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

The International Monetary Fund (International Financial Statistics, Global Development Finance, Government Finance Statistics, Direction of Trade Statistics, letters of intent, Article IV reviews)

Bank of International Settlements

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (country surveys, fact book of economic, environmental and social data, economic outlook)

Other Specialized International Organizations

Group of 20

Davos Forum

The Asian Development Bank

The African Development Bank

The Inter-American Development Bank

The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean

Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries — OPEC

US Agencies — Government and Other

Board of Governor of the Federal Reserve (the Federal Reserve Bulletin, US monetary policy measures)

Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation — FDIC

The US Commerce Department, Bureau of Economic Analysis (US balance of payments and national income account data)

The US Commerce Department, Bureau of the Census (US trade data)

The US International Trade Commission (US trade policy investigations, tariff schedule and trade data)

The US Trade Representative (US trade negotiations)

US Department of Treasury

Department of State — International Information Programs

Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group — CME

US New York Stock Exchange — NYSE

EU and EMU Agencies

EU Gateway

The European Commission

EU Commission, Directorate-General for External Trade

EU Commission, Directorate-General Taxation and Customs Union

EU economic statistics

The European Central Bank — ECB or ESCB (Monetary policy for the euro area)

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development — EBRD

European Investment Bank — EIB

National Government Agencies

Deutsche Bundesbank

Banque de France

The Bank of England (Monetary policy for the United Kingdom)

UK Office for National Statistics

The Bank of Japan

Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry — METI

The People's Bank of China

Australian Treasury

International Regional Trade/Economics Organizations

Organization of American States — OAS

North American Free Trade Agreement — NAFTA, national issues and official records

Central American Free Trade Agreement — CAFTADR

Central American Common Market — CACM

MERCOSUR — Common market of South America (four countries: Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay) (Spanish/Portuguese) (English)

Latin American Integration Association — ALADI

The Andean Community

Common Market of Eastern and Southern Africa — COMESA

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation — APEC

Asean Free Trade Area — AFTA

African Economic Community

Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)

African Caribbean Pacific Group of States — ACP (with EU)

Euro-Mediterranean Partnership — Barcelona Process

European Free Trade Area — EFTA (four countries: Iceland, Norway, Lichtenstein, Switzerland)

European Economic Area — EEA (31 countries: 27 EU plus 4 EFTA)

Australia-New Zealand Closer Economic Relations Trade Agreement — ANZCERTA

Open Economy / Financial Crisis Sites

Latin Focus (First class data and analysis for Latin America)

Dani Rodrik's Blog — Harvard University

Jeffrey Frankel's Blog

US Housing Crisis Blog

New York Times Credit Crisis Summary

News N Economics

Economics Round Table (Housing Crisis, US Economy, International Finance)

Center For Budget and Policy Priorities (Exchange Rate, Trade, Tax policy, and more)

Calculated Risk

Fed Press Releases

K's Analytical Musings (Technical Analysis applied to commodities, stocks and exchange rates)

Economists View

Marginal Revolution

Mark Thoma (Summary and links to recent economic news analysis)

Morgan Stanley Economy and FX site

Bradford De Long (comments on the economy)

Brad Setser Blog (Fed and Global Capital Flow Watch)

Paul Krugman's Blog

Vox (Commentary on real world events and recent research)

Nouriel Roubini Blog — RGE monitor (must read FX and Global Economics Site)

Research Sources

National Bureau of Economic Analysis — NBER

Center for Economic Policy Research — CEPR

Center for Economic Studies Ifo Institute — CESifo

Media Sites

The Financial Times

The Wall Street Journal

The New York Times