About the Book

Table of Contents

  1. An Introduction: Life in an International Economy

Part 1: International Trade and Trade Policy

  1. Why Do Nations Trade? Some Early Answers
  2. Why Do Nations Trade? Some Later Answers
  3. Trade and the Role of Factor Endowments
  4. Scale, Competition and Trade
  5. The Theory of Protection Tariffs and Other Barriers to Trade
  6. Arguments for Protection and the Political Economy of Trade Policy
  7. International Mobility of Labor and Capital
  8. Regional Blocs: Preferential Trade Liberalization
  9. Commercial Policy and the WTO
  10. Trade and Growth

Part 2: International Finance and Open Economy Macroeconomics

  1. The Balance of Payments and the Exchange Rate
  2. Fundamentals of Exchange Rate Systems
  3. An Introduction to Modeling the Open Economy
  4. Extensions of the Basic Open Economy Model: Policy Effectiveness and the Large Open Economy
  5. International Capital Markets
  6. Modelling International Capital Markets
  7. Policy Under Fixed Exchange Rates
  8. Policy under Flexible Exchange Rates and Extensions of the Mundell-Fleming Model
  9. Perfectly Flexible Prices and Exchange Rate Dynamics
  10. The International Monetary System: A Brief History
  11. European Monetary Integration
  12. International Financial Crises