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This is the companion website for International Human Resources Management, Third Edition. Weaving theory and practice, this comprehensive textbook has been thoroughly revised to feature a wealth of new case studies, revised material and content, and this updated website for extra learning support.

What you will find on this website:

  • About The Book: information about the book, the authors, table of contents, an introduction to the book and a sample chapter.
  • Resources: downloadable instructor vigenette notes, comprehensive powerpoint slides, syllabi and popular case studies by Calvin Reynolds, Ingmar Bjökman and Charles Galunic.
  • Weblinks: a list of useful websites relating to international human resources management.
  • Buy the book online: purchase additional copies of this title.
  • Routledge Business Arena: Routledge's main website for this subject area. Get more information about our books, journals and electronic publishing.